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Professional Plans

The Professional Business Plan_

The Ideal Business Plan for Professional Companies that are looking for investment.

What’s Included_

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Included: Business Plan Contents

  • Market Research covering big players and trends including a market SWOT.
  • Direct and indirect competitor analysis and SWOT.
  • Customer group profiling and analysis.
  • 3 Year Financial Modelling
  • Product write ups and descriptions including competitive edge and USP
  • Investment opportunity highlights
  • Executive Summary
  • Company and Management Team

We don't use templates. Each business plan is tailored to each business.

After we receive your questionnaire we will send you a proposed contents list for your review and sign off. The contents list will be created by using our knowledge of your industry and market, and what we know investors will want to see.

It will include the types of market research that we intend to do so this this is your chance to tell us whether you would like us to research something else or that you're happy with our proposed work plan.