Professional Business Plan Service

PlanWriter has established itself as the leading professional business planning and idea development consultancy in Europe.

Our international team has offices in three countries and houses over 50 highly qualified and experienced buiness plan writers, researchers, accountants & designers.  
We never use templates. Everything we do is bespoke and every business plan we write is created as a collaboration within our team..

Are you right for us? Are we right for you?

Quality Guarantee

Your pitch is our pitch.

All our market research has named sources. Our financial models are all formulated by chartered and CIMA qualified accountants, each with over 20 years experience. Finally, our plans go through a plagerism check before issued.

We're idea developers

Your idea. Improved.

During your first consultation with PlanWriter, we will discuss your business model and help you build on your idea. If you are looking for more help, try our workshops.

We're VERY connected

Network. It's everything.

We know which marketing agency is right for you. We work direct with funding partners, VCs and even our own investment network. We have an in house team of professional writers, developers, designers and mentors at your service.

We're Marketers

From plan to launch.

We aren't just connected to marketing agenies. We're SEO experts. We've preformed PPC campaigns for our clients. We know about branding and conversions and can feedback on your message as a whole, pre plan.

We're founders too.

It's tough, we know.

Professional writers? Sure. But, we're more than that. PlanWriter labs designs and builds it's own products, softwares and apps. From our own CRM to innovative retail solutions and finance calculators. Want to see? Just ask!

We're activation focused.

Determine Your Game Plan

Hiring a professional writer is the first step in getting your business written but what happens next? If requested, we can work with you to launch, grow or fund your business through our own professional team, partners or investment network.

We're a company.

One team. Dozens of minds.

We're not a one man band. We're a company offering a professional service and that makes us accountable, more reliable and more available. You will never call us to reach a virtual receptionist, we answer the phone personally. A dedicated accountant manager will work between you, your researcher, accountant and writer.

We're not just accountants.

It's not just about the numbers.

The problem with having an accountant write your business plan is that they are great with numbers, even good with research, but they don't understand your product. We're different. We're tech obsessed, start up scene infused, new product lovers. We're designers, researchers and conversion analysists. We're business mentors, professional writers, copywriters, developers and - yes, we're also accountants.

We offer alternatives.

Workshop, anyone?

We may feel that you would benefit from a business planning workshop instead of forking out for a business plan. If invited to a workshop, it's because we love your idea but not sure you can afford us and are trying to save you money. It's not all about the fee for us, we want long term relationships.

Are you right for us?

Are you an entrepreneur we want to work with?

PlanWriter turns down more work every month than we take on. During our first email or call correspondance, we check to see if the following apply.

  • You understand and respect the process.

    It’s very common for founders to be absorbed into the running of their business and PlanWriter is able to undertake the planning and writing of your plan on our own. However, we believe in allowing clients to feedback to ensure that they are happy with their work. This is optional but we encourage you to take the opportunity to read through carefully and let us know if you require changes. If you do not take the opportunity to feedback to us in the time period agreed in our terms, then we may automatically sign off your work unless you provide us with a realistic timeframe that we can expect it on.

  • Do you know that a business plan alone won't lead to success?

    A winning idea, winning business plan, MVP and initial traction is the best way to get clients, or get funded. If a client comes to us with just an idea, we are still happy to get involved, on the understanding that the business plan alone, no matter how wonderful it is, can lead to funding. (Unless you are looking for a start up loan).

  • Have you got a great idea or attitude?

    PlanWriter receives dozens of enquiries every day from all over the world. In order to provide our clients with the best turn around times and quality of work and support, we respect our own capacity and are careful not to take on too much work. With that in mind, we prirotise entreprenerus whose ideas we find innovative or exciting for our team to work with or who's drive we find enchanting.


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