• We're not just a middle man

    We filter applications so that only the best products are presented to our buyers and we don't stop there. We work with you to make sure your presentation is perfect, your numbers make sense and you can answer the big questions.

  • What to expect

    Upon review of your first application, if you're invited to pitch you will be given a 20minute slot to pitch your idea to us first. You don't need to bring any supporting documents, but you can if you think that will help. If we think our buyers will be interested in your product, you'll be invited to the relevant pitch event and we'll start getting you pitch-perfect.

  • Entry Fees

    We generally don't take a fee, we prefer partnership agreements which are tailored per company needs and how we feel we can help. Talk to us for more information.

Our Promise .

Pitch, get feedback, pitch better.  

  • We don't reject. We feedback

    We believe in constructive criticsm. All ideas have a base and for everyone we see we give them actionable points that they can use going forward.

  • Come back anytime.

    We welcome anyone who has pitched previously to return for a second pitch assuming they have actioned the points in their feedback report. 

  • Warm, but honest.

    We're black and white with all our clients no matter the service they come to us for. We're not hand holders and we will be honest with you about the stage of your business.