Idea viability and development workshop. 

Interactive workshop designed to test and build both your idea and model. Work both within a group and one to one with one of our mentors.

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Will it work?

We all think our idea is great. That's why we're building our dreams around it. For many startups, even those that are funded, the viability of their business is only clear once they're live. That's why most VC's don't invest seed businesses, when there's the biggest risk.

At the very least they want to see that the idea works. That people want it. That their money won't go towards experimentation of revenue models or designs, but when you have tested it. The first half of our workshop breaks down your idea and teaches you new ways to break down what your USP really is.

Growth Plan

is it scalable?

Stay local, reach the UK or beyond? Are you a business or are you a venture? A shop or a platform? Do you have customers or communities?

Deciding how big you want to be and how far you want to reach will help us to determine a scale up plan. 

Game Changing

is it innovative?

PlanWriter specialises in the new, the exceptional and the game changing. We focus on adding value to outdated industries through technology or design. 

Our workshop will help you to take your idea and 'level up' to add genuine unique differentiation points and reasons your customers / target market will want to work with you. 

Our next workshop is Monday April 29th

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