History of your business

What have you done so far?_

Your historical performance is important to document not only for investment purposes but also in order to gain a higher understanding of what brought on your peaks and your lows. This chapter does not reflect on financial history (though it will refer to it). Instead it looks at your leads, conversions, returns, complaints, delivery speeds, returning customers and reviews.

Depending on the reason you need your business plan, you may expect or need your performance report to be written in a way that suggests quality service and growing sales. While we can't forge results, if you are honest about your concerns we can highlight that where there are pitfalls or holes in processes, they could be rectified with a certain level of investment. Being honest about your needs from an investor is a great way to earn their trust and understanding of why you need them.


he answer to this question varies depending on the reason you are in debt, and how much your business owes. If you're in debt and want to know whether there is any point going for investment, it would be worth giving us a call to discuss in detail.