Competitor Analysis

Defining Competitors_


Competitor research is a vital part of any business plan whether for investors, banks or internal use. Investors in your business will want to know that you have something that is not easily copied or not available elsewhere. Internal colleagues use competitor research to build strong marketing campaigns, source new products and align their pricing to fit the market.

PlanWriter asses both direct and indirect competitors through your own lists and our own intelligent searches. Listing both these competitors shows investors that you are aware of the competiton and have a solid plan to compete with them. Indirect competitors are often left out of business plans and usually the first to be mentioned by an Investor. PlanWriter finds and lists these for you so that you remain looking prepared and market aware.

Your business plan is not written by one person. Each chapter is researched and written by a professional in that field. This is part of our higher quality service. Our writers will research your market, your direct competitors, their current campaigns, strengths and weaknesses and write a strong comparative against your own business with a view to attack and conquer.

Oh, you do! They just may not be direct competitiors or you may not know about them. We'll find them, analyse them, and express your competitive edge.

We always advise entrepreneurs that ideas are not protected as soon as they go live. That's why every time you see a great idea on TV, a new entrant comes on the market immediately. The best trick is to always keep three steps ahead, so that when your competitors copy your first phase, you're just about to launch phase 2.