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  • Structure & Language

    The little things that matter. How your plan is structured and written makes the difference between an engageing document and one that is difficult to digest. We'll report back on Layout, language, structure, grammar, spelling and answer the question, 'does it ready well'. We don't re-write anything, but we can give you points and examples of how to make changes that will make a big difference.

  • Case Strength

    Your business plans number one agenda is to convince whoever will be reading it that the business will make money and that you are the person to make it to happen. Our team will analyise whether your business plan has proved the case by looking at your market data, target market profiles, marketing plan and team introduction.

  • Financial model

    We review the dna of your financial forecast to answer key questions. Is your financial model complete? Is it investor or lender ready? Are there accountancy errors? Is your data linked to your market research? Hace you asked for the right amount of money? Do you need more to make the plan work - could you make it work with less?

Note: Our review is an independent report of your models viability, potential interest to investors and language/structure/content feedback. We do not re-write your plan. 

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