A business mentor? We're a lot more than that.

Founders who use our mentoring services receive free access to all our workshops. Heavily discounted design and development fees. Hands-on & uncapped Mentorship, and first access to our pitch events.

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why us?

Unlimited Support

Unlike other mentoring programs,
we do not have a fixed amount of support.
We don't have packages like '2 Skype calls a month' - what a con.
We'll meet you face to face once a month,
but we're on the phone, email or text whenever you need us.
And if something awesome - or awful, has come up.
We'll show up in person to help. 

Industry Specific

We don't open our doors to all businesses,
only ones we think we can help.
We're not interested in wasting your money or our time. 
We only want long term relationships.
Speak to us to see if we can help. 

An open network. 

We know how to get your apps developed for under £5k.
How to reach your first 1,000 users for less than £300. 
We know who may be interested in investing in you.
We know who may want to work with you or buy from you.
Now, you do too. 

Fully Invested. 

Our fees are based on a partnership.
We charge £250/month and 2.5% equity. 
That way you keep your cash flow in your business and you know that we're invested in your growth as much as you are. 


Open windows you didn't know existed. 

Speak to a PlanWriter consultant today. 

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