We workshop, activate and write professional business plans for funding and growth

Work with us to write and activate your business plan. We'll help you with the initial traction needed and then put you infront of our investor network.

Write it for me. Show me workshops.
How we started

We used to write business plans. Now, we invest in them. 

When we opened our doors in 2008, we were the instant market leaders. Our business plans were the first to say goodbye to the old fashioned 100 page documents that no one read and we introduced beautiful info graphic documents that investors loved.

Our success meant that we attracted wonderful companies and as a result we were contacted by investors seeking investment opportunities. Now, we work with over 30 VCs and 200 active angel investors to fund the projects we believe are investment ready.

For those who want the hands off approach, our business plan writers remain in house and on standby. Those interested in a more collaborative approach, our business plan workshops are for you. (They're cheaper, too.)

Our Services

  • Interactive, Collaborative workshops. 

    We believe that founders work best in interactive and engaging environments. We don't do 'training' or 'courses'. Our workshops are activity based and promise to leave you a step further in your business plan activation.

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  • Business Growth and Strategy Mentoring.

    As founders, you are required to complete many roles from operations to sales and marketing to financials. In reality, your strengths will not cover all these categories and that's where Mentoring comes in. PlanWriter fills the gap in any area you need help with along with third party insight of where you can grow faster, find quicker solutions or even find cheaper resources. In addition, as a mentor client of ours, you receive free access to all our workshops.

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  • Future Focused Investment Consultancy.

    Identifying sources of investment that you are eligle for, be it a grant or a suitable investor is a common difficulty for entrepreneurs. PlanWriter's investment experts assist you to source, apply and pitch to investors through our connections, our own database of active investors and our Pitch 2 me events

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Empowering Through Technology

What is Business Plan Activation?

  • No one invests in business plans alone.

    We know, you know, everyone knows. Investors, banks, Crowdfunding platforms, they all ask for a business plan, they ask for financials, but in reality, no one expects your business to go to plan. The reality is that the second your business plan has been written, be it by yourself or a professional like us, the real game starts. The purpose of the plan is to prove that the founders have an understanding of the market, they've researched their customers, they know their price points and they have a revenue model or exit plan. No one invests on your business plan alone because no business has ever gone to plan. There will be new competitors, there will be changes to the market, and your revenue model may sound great on paper, but once in action it just may not work.  

  • Launch. Test. Adjust.

    Once your MVP is live, it's time to test your business plan. You've explained how you'll market it and how much you'll need. Now is the time to prove it. Spend a little bit of money testing your assumptions. The key here is knowing how to test what you're looking for and how to adjust to suprises.

  • Managing growth and attracting seed funding.

    Our business mentoring, workshops and seed funding events help all of our founders to grow steadily, building strong processes along the way and preparing them for investment.

Your business. Our risk. Discounted Mentoring for companies who qualify. 


Idea viability
and development

Suitable for founders at all parts of their journey. An idea developement workshop is ideal for those who want to expand or refresh their idea or get third party insight into what USP's they may be ignoring.

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How to write
a business plan.

We've written thousands. We've reviewed thousands. We know which plans work and which don't and why. Learn how to structure and define your business in the perfect business plan.

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We have clients all over the world, so why should you use a UK business plan service if you're in the UK over one abroad?

We're in your timezone.

There are lots of ways to contact the team at PlanWriter. Phone, direct email, our contact form and most recently, our chat service. Lots of companies offer similar connection services but being in the UK, you can use them at the right time for you.

We know the UK market.

We live in the UK. Our primary market is the UK. We know the companies here, your competitors, we know the UK law, we know the locations you're talking about.

You won't need to worry about us spelling colour without a u.

You're protected.

A common concern with our clients is what happens if they're not happy with the finished document. There's a lot we offer to ensure this never happens, but in case it does, you can rest assured that we're in the UK, we're registered here, and if you ever needed to (you won't!) you could take further action. If you outsource outside of the UK and don't get what you wanted, good luck ever getting your money back, or a response.

UK financials. By UK chartered accountants.

Our plans are written collaboratively. This includes a UK chartered accountant working on your financial model. So you can rest assured that your VAT, your income tax, your PAYE and your corporation tax is to UK accounting standards.

This is especially important if you're looking to raise through the EIS/SEIS scheme.


Reach your potential with PlanWriter

Financial management and much more - speak to a Partner associate today.

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